Health caregivers or disease-retrievers?

As many lights, as many thoughts. Even in my head. It’s just such a time. When you stop, you think and maybe even “stutter” something smart. For the soul, the heart, for well-being. After all, a person would rest, but “action” is running through my veins, and I see a double benefit in that, for myself, because “work strengthens the organs” and for others who find a lifeline in my actions and words, but still remind them to the meaning of life.

When I think of the Slovenian holiday of unity, the memory of enrolling in primary school inadvertently creeps up on me. My twin brother and I wanted to be separated and enrolled in two different classes. But because I also have a determination probably written in my blood, she turned to my advantage with a sentence and perseverance: “I will wait for my younger brother to go to school together.” That is also why it is difficult for me to watch the “division of the nation” today. I will also not discuss the establishment of the Ministry of Happiness, which already exists in the world, but in our country it would really be high time, at least for an independent Ministry of Sport. The need for it is again evident in this period.

I would expect us to be more advanced, more tolerant, more understanding over the years, even as a society. I would expect us to be aware that by doing today, we are shaping tomorrow and all the days to come. I would expect us to learn something from good stories and to upgrade them. I would expect us to learn something this year as well. I would expect … I know. If you expect too much, you are disappointed. But if we have the opportunity to improve everyone’s lives, then we need to do it. We all hope that the world will return to normal. It will. But this “normality” will be different. It will be necessary to adapt again and learn to live, create and act differently. It also promotes the name of Slovenia on the world map in the sport that connects and unites us, which gives us wings and, last but not least, with the excellent achievements of Slovenian athletes (they give us all inner strength). What a wealth sport brings!

“Sport, you are a gift from the gods, a miracle potion,” echo the words of prof. Dear Ulage. How many years, how many words, how many proofs, how many shifts were needed for us to become aware in the field of sports as a nation that a lot of people understand us and know that physical inactivity is a disease. We know that if we want to live the way we are meant to, we need to be in touch with our body, mind, and spirit. When it comes to health care, it works best when we work at full steam – physically, emotionally and spiritually. We know that it is better and cheaper for an individual and society to prevent a disease than to treat its consequences. We know and know the positive benefits of sport, which are reflected in all areas of human life. We know that “what John learns, John knows.” We know that without exercise there is no health and no life. And because we value health and physical strength, we also know that in the current situation, when most sports are closed, the solution is in the palm of your hand, only decision-makers don’t want to see it. It is a reasonable rescue of a “Sports soldier” and with him a generation of children, adolescents, talents, a rescue based on the current situation and past findings. Namely, sports experts have proven many times in the past that they know and are able to extract the best even in times of crisis, both for individuals and for the nation. They also know how to take responsibility, unlike some who shun it, either because of their ignorance of the field, or because of any attitude or desire to delve into the sport and understand it. The knowledge that humanity has created throughout history must be useful. It would be unethical to discard it. So let’s listen and trust the sports experts. We have the opportunity to improve everyone’s lives. So let’s do it. I think so.

There is no health without sports, and without closed sports activities, for which children are primarily deprived, we do not write well. “The world rests on the young,” we used to say. Now it seems like we’re whistling at their lives. And that I will not be misunderstood. I am not “inciting” against measures. The world found itself in a difficult situation. The vaccine is merely a current lifesaver. Why? Because there will be new tough trials in the future. Therefore, we need to be physically, mentally and mentally prepared here and now. And our children must also be prepared, those who are prevented from doing sports activities today, even though sports experts would be able to carry them out in such and other bubbles. Only this will enable humanity to survive and further develop. Otherwise, humanity will no longer exist.

I know and feel that today’s world is not good. There are too many negative energies in it. I am aware of this when I try to edit with my mind and get nowhere. Well yes. I’m moving. Next. Slow. But it’s hard to shake off the logic that prevails, the logic of profit, power, authority, prestige, conceit. But fortunately, the positive energies are still very much alive.

If we are aware that the world has not stopped, that it is spinning forward, that we will never experience what our parents are, that our lives are not what our children’s lives will be if we accept and act for the good of humanity, if we discard all past ballast and concentrate on today and use all the knowledge we have, then we will find it easier to understand and work towards preparing humanity, even for the next disasters. Well yes, at least the feeling will be better that we are the caretakers of health, physical strength and readiness and not the bringers of disease.

With a good feeling at the end of the record, I wish you that your happiness will not depend on the whimsical decisions of individuals and meaningless rules. Create your year 2021. Good luck and stay healthy and active. 😊



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