Maybe everything will happen in time …

Hand on heart, the world has not been turning in the right direction for a long time. And during yesterday’s recreation, which was also spiced up on Velika planina by the evergreen “sun, water, air, freedom” and, in addition, snow, I was “knitting” in my head: “How much or how little is needed to move in thinking, acting, advancing towards well-being, satisfaction and health? ”

Surely you know the story of his passion. About being different from others who exist just to eat and survive. About his desire to learn, knowledge, improvement, about his incentives and motivations. Each time he ‘fails’, he moves to a higher level of awareness. His self-development and personal growth guide him to seek a higher purpose and with perseverance he finally achieves his goal. The main character of this story is the seagull Jonathan Livingston, who never gives up.

I know, it’s not easy. Especially during this period. But often the hardest experiences are the ones we learn the most from. I myself, after everything that has happened to me, am most proud of not giving up. I still want to develop and progress. Nothing stops me and I firmly believe that nothing is impossible. However, because I am constantly “occupied” with this and other work, even if only for my soul, I do not have time to think and deal with problems and problems.

Numerous studies have shown that work is good for health. A person who is fully employed does not have time to think about “nonsense” and feel sorry for himself. And even the problem is only as big as our attitude to the problem. He doesn’t have to devote all his time to thinking, not nerving, and thus giving him meaning, because he gives you back with a double dose of negative energy.

I know. The situation is awkward. It is not easy for us. But it is still more useful to take time for ourselves, to take care of our mental and physical capacity, for health and for our, perhaps unfulfilled goals.

There is always something positive to be found. One of my golden rules of life is, “Whatever you want people to do to you, do it to them.” Our actions revolve around us as surely as the Earth revolves around the Sun. Everything I do, I do with good will and good intentions. I am sure that everything I think, say and do will come back to me one day. And the same goes for you. Focus your energy on your actions and your goals.

I know, it’s not easy. But let’s persevere as a team, one that participates and in which “Leaders Eat Last”. Simon Sinek, author of the New York Times bestseller, writes that “leaders are those who jump headlong into the unknown, who put their own interests aside to protect us or give us a future. Leaders would rather sacrifice theirs to save ours and never sacrifice ours to save theirs. ”

I know and no “mappings”, please. What I want to say is that we can all be leaders of our lives and “not sit on the couch”. Let’s act. Step by step, with positive emotions, with positive thoughts, with kind words. That helps. Just try one day. But nature also helps. Even a short walk among the trees works wonders and fills us with energy.

I know things aren’t going to change overnight, but you have to take them into your own hands and start changing them. The hardest part is getting started. And maybe everything happens on time…

Stay healthy and happy  😊

UM na 'zraku'


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