Miklavž (St. Nicholas) opened the sport. Then I woke up.

Sweet Dreams. In the real world a year ago nothing special, but in this situation a real balm.

It was evening. There was light snow under the Kamnik peaks. We gathered at a safe distance, two and more meters apart along Ljubljanska cesta and, of course, wore masks. There was a forgotten excitement in the air, as we got used to the closedness of the municipalities. All for the benefit of victory over covid-19. A good man comes to every Slovenian village one way or another, we thought. So there was no worry of being forgotten about him.

We had a hard time expecting him. He was a little late, but what minutes of joy, compared to a year that didn’t spare us. Extending tension about good expectations, however, is always sweet. He finally arrived in a carriage. Miklavž (St. Nicholas) accompanied by angels and hoofs. Of course, one of the most popular saints has traditionally gifted us. All in a row, children and also adults. We were all hardworking. Therefore, the hoofs were not used. There were no naughty children during the year and we adults also proved ourselves, also by observing and respecting safety measures. This year’s St. Nicholas gift was really something special.

Miklavž and his assistants handed us fruit, socks, sports equipment and leaflets. Just what was written on them? There was a thrill of looking for cell phones in my pockets to help me read with a light as soon as possible. Just a moment later, the joy of ten-year-old neighbors was heard nearby. I finally managed to get a light from my cell phone and read the words on the flyer.

“Beloved children and dear parents. Movement is life. That is why today I am taking advantage of the opportunity to decide and open gyms and gyms all over the country. Get active, don’t forget about safety measures and, above all, never forget for a moment that sport strengthens us and keeps us healthy and alive. ”

What a fantastic surprise and what a wonderful gift! 😊 Yes, hope begins when you stand in the dark and look at the light. The holy man, who in a wonderful way brings good to people, joy for young and old, reminded of the importance of sport. The little ones scream and dance with joy, the big ones enjoy the joy of the children. December 6th is truly a day of miracles. To believe in Miklavž also means to believe in another man. Life is so beautiful if you can believe it. Miklavž opened our eyes. We have almost suppressed the need for movement when Miklavžs’ leaflet reminds us of our wonderful sporting past and the importance of movement for humanity.

Winter in the hills is not friendly, and in the foggy basins, walks have also become a boring routine. Man really needs more. Man needs a variety of activities. And especially children need sports, because of movement, motor skills, playfulness, competition, fair play… The list of benefits of sports is very long and Miklavž fulfilled the wishes of many with one stroke to revive all the positive qualities of sport.

“If Miklavž remembers this, then the field of sports must already be important,” I hear a male voice nearby. Miklavž saw, heard and realized that the children had been moving less and getting fatter in the last year. It’s no different with students and adults either. The Crown added its tax to humanity also at the expense of lack of movement. Children who are not active are less focused on attending classes, learn less and will also have health problems as a workforce in the future.

Miklavž, really, hats off. How did you know what our children needed, what they were missing, and what the real gift really was? A gift from the heart for the heart. The very next day, the doors of gyms and gyms opened. The children looked forward to their opening as the first day of school, and the adults as a well-deserved vacation. The joy was truly indescribable.

Miklavž’s words also resonate with me about how useful sport is for health, and I am already working on a plan for visits to the gym, volleyball, badminton, hip hop, swimming pool, where chlorine is the enemy of covida-19 anyway. I also think about skiing. Every day was reserved for sports among like-minded people, among sports enthusiasts, among those who care about our health. Bad mood, bitterness, and anger burst like a soap bubble in an instant. How intoxicating the sport smells.  😊  Smell, smell, smell… The smell of sports awakens me and wakes me up.

It was a good night’s sleep. I woke up satisfied and rested. I felt good. Also because of wonderful dreams. Of course, sobering up a moment later. I get up, look out the window, into the foggy morning. There will be nothing lazy, much less daydreaming. Reality is calling and this too is beautiful. Especially if you go up the hill, to the trees and closer to the sun. Even in reality, a miracle can happen. In fact, the miracle is that we have another day ahead of us. Make it beautiful, use it to your advantage and stay healthy.  😊

Vesela Uršula :)


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