Age is just a number. So please don’t use your age as an excuse – for nothing in the world. Everything is possible if it is wanted. Whether you are eighteen or eighty, I assure you that with regular, thoughtful exercise, you will achieve great differences in the amount of energy and probably in your overall outlook on life. Movement really has that much power! With it, we can prolong life, of course with proper nutrition and adequate rest. However, the aging of the brain can be slowed down by a positive outlook on life, by learning new skills and gaining new experiences.

We could make better use of life, but sometimes it is easier to look for excuses in numbers, in the surroundings, in the actions of others. A sad and true fact. I, too, would like to spin the “time machine” for at least 20 years ago, but with that wit, knowledge, and experience I have today. Well, it doesn’t work. It’s easier to accept and create here and now than it is to waste time and drown in expectations. At least to me. I don’t have time for “heated soups,” I don’t have time to repeat mistakes, I don’t have time for people who reluctantly, in their stubbornness, step into a place that doesn’t want to see, much less hear, because it’s hard for them to move because every change is too big a bite. I’m going. Next. And yes, I want to be better every day. From every perspective. Science Fiction? An illusion? Madness? For me. Not for my loved ones, not even for those who really know me. No, I am no angel, but I do what I know and what I believe in.

So I write again that it is never too late to start controlling your health as well. Exercise, proper posture and exercise are key components of well-being at any age. Also, don’t forget about proper nutrition and adequate rest. We all know that exercise is good and beneficial. When we are in our twenties, thirties and forties, we get involved in this “movement program” quite well, but a worrying number of people decide at some point, in the early to mid-sixties, that it’s time to “slow down” a bit and leave the gym for the younger ones. . Don’t!

The list of reasons why you should be and stay active and strong is long:

  1. Live longer – A sedentary lifestyle is a major cause of death or illness. Walking or swimming can extend the life of 3-5 years.
  2. Prevent falls – Anything that increases muscle and bone strength will help prevent a fall or reduce the risk of a broken bone if we fall, potentially by up to 40%.
  3. Reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack – regular activity that increases heart rate will increase cardiovascular health. Swimming, walking and cycling are great ways to do this.
  4. Bone Density – Exercise with a load will help increase and maintain bone density. This is important because a fracture, e.g. hip, causes many other problems that are also associated with premature mortality.
  5. Dementia – Research shows that older people who exercise little or nothing are at greater risk for dementia.
  6. Prevent or “delay” the disease – regular exercise can help and improve conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and heart disease.
  7. Improve your mood and self-confidence – exercise in a group, in company and with music, in addition to physical effects, also has a positive effect on well-being, self-confidence and alleviates the fear of possible loneliness.

The Viennese doctor dr. Prokop wrote that the heart must “squeak” once a day for ten minutes. Yeah, sweating is helpful. Boris Sila – click to ‘view’ 🙂 revealed and scattered some more interesting ones. Among other things, that “if you want to maintain your physical abilities and health at a normal level, you have to do sports at least twice a week at the age of twenty, three times at the age of thirty, four times at the age of forty, five times at the age of fifty, sixty at the age of sixty and at seventy every day to somehow maintain your abilities, at some level of health, to be capable, chilly, creative… ”.

It’s never too late. For nothing in the world. Focus on what you can do TODAY to start living the life you truly want. Don’t let age and failures get in the way of your life journey. Time flows, no matter which path you choose for yourself, so don’t become that person who looks back on your life with regret and a million excuses. Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock – this is the sound of our lives.
Do you really want it to pass you by? 🙂

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Uršula Majcen



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