Today, when I become a human …

The memory of today, when we celebrated Republic Day in our former country and became pioneers, is one that will never fade. A blue titovka, a red handkerchief and a pioneer card marked the period, and the words of the pioneer oath still resonate in my head today: “Today, when I become a pioneer, I give the honorable pioneer word and a sincere companion who keeps his promise … ”

Words play an important role in our lives. They can serve us or work against us. Man “in good skin” uses inspiring, motivating, beautiful, uplifting, devoted, caressing words, even those that promise. But it is true that a wise man should rather not promise when he is happy, not answer when he is angry, and not make decisions when he is sad.

But what kind of man is capable of using ugly, contemptuous, ridiculous, humiliating, rude, rude, hostile, and frightening words? What kind of person uses words in a sharp and angry tone? Only one who is dissatisfied. No contented man will “curse,” curse, humiliate, and scatter ugly words. Do you know someone who is happy and sows happiness while muddying everyone around? I don’t.

I find hard words to bear. Even if I only hear or read them, I am shaken by some negative energy. I place such words in the category of pollution of the environment, the atmosphere and humanity. Why tolerate them if they are of no benefit to anyone other than those of course they come from? But I also doubt it, as this man’s dissatisfaction is only growing. And I’m also not saying that the occasional “burst of ugly words” doesn’t happen to each of us. Such slips are human until they become a habit and a habit. Unfortunately, this is strongly present in Slovenia. Anything negative is already too much. I inadvertently hear a lot of this, but for this very reason I prefer to avoid a certain communication channel…

Who supports such an expansion of the word “slurry” or negative communication? Everyone who watches this, allows it, responds, communicates, monitors, “feeds”… I can’t help but put two examples on the scales. Punishing someone for crossing the municipal border, which is relevant at the time (taking into account all other security measures), is completely unjustified in comparison with the deliberate desecration of a beautiful Slovenian word. Very easy. The desecration of the Slovene language and culture of behavior is anything but a harmless game, more of a film thriller Jaws, which sucks and floods everything that is beautiful with incredible, negative force.

I propose the erasure of this negativism and hostile attitude, perhaps by reviving and modernizing the holiday of the past period and by the “Human Oath.”

“Today, as I become a human being, I give an honorable human word to consciously learn and work responsibly, to respect my parents and all living beings, to be a faithful and loyal citizen who keeps his promise. To follow the example of the best people, to respect the good deeds and progressive people of the world who want freedom and peace. That I will love my homeland and my language, use words that help and heal, not hinder, hurt, harm and humiliate, and that I will build a life responsibly, without exploitation and to the detriment of citizens. ”

Words are the most powerful force available to humanity. Let us be kind to everyone and speak words that are a transmitter of inspiration, enthusiasm and encouragement to all. Kind words, even if they depict a bad situation, are always music to the ears of the listeners. Otherwise, with or without an oath, every day is a holiday. Take advantage of it and stay healthy 😊 



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