Small victories build motivation …

Do you ever feel unmotivated and uninspired? Well, such a day for me is this weekend and today’s Sunday, when, according to folklore, a beggar beggar asks where he slept the winter, but sometimes winter is just beginning. Where did Slovenians “sleep” it? Is the “winter” over for us? I know unnecessary questions, because everyone knows best and knows the answers. Nature is beautiful, so are the achievements of athletes, and the rest…

In short, this weekend I am simply without ideas, without inspiration, without will. It happens. Perhaps it is really the fault of a dynamic week, with body and head in various fields, health, work and, like every Slovene, infected with events on the turbulent Slovene political scene. A man can easily go crazy, my words were in the middle of the week to a friend. Of course he agreed with me. So many “important” happenings around us that you easily forget about yourself, you live with the feeling that you are floating and you have no choice but to wait. But you have to “kick your ass”, move, try to find at least a little bit of strength in yourself and do things that make you happy, in which you find meaning. That it doesn’t happen by chance that a day when you’re apathetic, listless, when there’s no inspiration, when there’s no power, extends to a week, a month, or even a year. A bad day needs to be “cut through,” otherwise negative feelings can intensify and become a serious disorder.

I know how to comfort myself and convince myself that when I find myself in a whirlpool of “helplessness”, only my expectations of myself may be too high. “But what a day it is that you can breathe, away from obligations, away from the computer,” I like to hear my inner voice, which caresses me and invites me to a leisurely day, out into nature. But there is another, persistent self that stubbornly does not allow me to relax until obligations are fulfilled. Which voice do you think is stronger in me? Given that I’m at the computer right now and writing words 😊. No one is forcing me, no one is waving a stick over me. Responsiveness and a sense of consistency and responsibility are simply in me. I always try to complete the tasks I set for myself because otherwise I don’t feel well. However, in this case it is only a record or a blog. Yes, but this is a blog that is meant for you and given the past Sundays and your positive responses, a worm called “responsibility” doesn’t allow me to relax and dismiss the task, let alone forget about it. I’m like that. That’s how I was raised, and that’s a value I value in others as well. If you say something, if you hint at something, if you “steal” something, stick to it, or find thoroughly good arguments and reasons to excuse your actions. But it would be best for you to withdraw. Preferably forever. So “severe” for me 😊 Doing what you said you would do or promise or maybe just hint at is one of, if not the most important aspect of effective action and above all leadership. Now let’s look around and see how many such people are around us.

What is said and done is simply a way for an individual to build credibility and trust. When we consistently keep our promises, we create experiences with those around us and the reputation of a man who is as good as our word. In other words, it’s really a matter of personal integrity and it’s a moral decision! However, since it is first necessary to “sweep in front of the domestic threshold”, I will not “paint” the situation in Slovenia, but I will add that only those words that are visible in deeds still apply to me.

So what can we do when the feeling of lack of motivation for work and tasks simply doesn’t go away? Small steps are important. American writer and poet E.B. White wrote that “a writer waiting for ideal working conditions will die without putting his word on paper.” The same goes for almost every one of our tasks worth doing. Most of us think of motivation as this mythical trait we need to “find”. But in reality, it is much more accurate to claim that motivation finds us. If you’re waiting to “simply feel” doing certain tasks, you’ll probably never do that. Psychologists call this the “motivational trap”.

Motivation is not before action, action is before motivation. Issues related to procrastination and lack of motivation are emotional issues. This means that we can’t be “moved” by just a bunch of tips, but we will be most easily motivated if we simply start. Of all the things that can increase motivation, the most important is progress in more or less important work. It is simply a principle of progress. Simply put, small victories build motivation, inspiration and innovation. But that is my lay opinion. I am not an expert in psychology, but I know how to put my feelings on paper. We all have bad days when nothing seems to happen. And while it’s okay to feel that way, being left unattended is just extra stress. On the other hand, it is also clear to me that personal growth and development frighten people who do not want change. Therefore, once again, all of you who do not have a problem with this, I am happy to invite you to the website, where our new story began.


It may not even be so unusual to relax a bit after one achievement. But “falling asleep” on wins is not good. Because you can fall into the vicious circle of lack of motivation too quickly. And you know what helped me? First the thought of the impact of my work on all of you, the people around you, the thought of encouraging, directing and “caressing” someone with words, and last but not least the thought of doing something that actually makes me happy and satisfied.

Well I managed 😊 I just started, found inspiration and motivation and wrote the blog to the end. The obligation is for me. Another dot on the “i”, have a nice time and stay healthy and active. I, on the other hand, go to nature and the world that is always waiting for me, waiting and also waiting.




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