Who cares what they say …

I try not to waste time. Because I don’t want to waste myself. I try to live in the present moment. I realized that every man is an artist of his life, that in painting, singing, dancing and all other activities you can use as many colors and strokes as you want. What will others say? Who cares! Just so you don’t hurt. I know that we also have to look into our own needs, switch off, let go of the reins, remind ourselves that this very moment is definitely ours. Therefore, every man, as a being of power, reason and love, and as the master of his thoughts, holds in his hands the key to every position.

I admit, there come times when I’d rather hang a white flag. Far from making life easy. But it’s worth it. And similar thoughts are likely to arise for everyone. When the job we lived for is gone, when marriage breaks down, when illness comes, when the people we relied on turn their backs on us… In times when we are not going according to plan, a change of mindset is undoubtedly key if we want to improve something . I know that every obstacle makes sense. I live with that belief. Maybe also because it’s easier. I know that we survive a “shock” only by taking a different view of it. And, if we are willing to learn from the challenges of something, that is the difference between failure and splitting in place.

I try not to waste time. Because I don’t want to waste myself on people with dark energy. I don’t allow people with a dysfunctional ego to pull me into the dark depths. It was hard school and the realization that I always want to radiate my light. Probably eventually everyone comes to this realization. If I had known this 30 years ago, I would have saved myself a lot of heartache and also self-doubt. Now I know that how we use our time determines who we really are.

I try to take care of the body and feed it with everything it needs. Also on airplanes, the rule is that in case of lack of oxygen, you put the mask on yourself first, otherwise you will not be able to save anyone anymore. Well that … You have to take care of yourself. Also by the way, with exercise here and there, even on a chair. 😊 Try it.

We like to postpone life to the future, to the distant future, we do not know when. But I know that the best things (diploma, car, house…) are not a substitute for the best life. So it’s time to live exclusively HERE and NOW. Let this time also be playful, crazy, for the soul, the body. What will others say? “Who cares” 😊 Man makes or not everyone makes himself.

Stay healthy and exercise.


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